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The Relationship Between Depression And Insomnia

The Relationship Between Depression And Insomnia

Many people believe that depression is the cause behind many disorders, and most popularly insomnia. Insomnia is defined as prolonged lack of sleep, and the quality of sleep that an individual does clock in, is poor. Insomnia can be a result of inability to fall asleep even though you may be exhausted, or the inability […]

Life Coaching For Anger and Stress Management

Life Coaching For Anger and Stress Management

Many people are faced with the psychological and physical effects of stress that cause disease, illness and emotional conditions. Some people are able to reduce their stress levels or at least keep them at acceptable levels with simple techniques such as reading, aromatherapy and also turning to music and exercise to relieve stress. Unfortunately, these […]

Ever Consider Holistic Depression Therapy

Ever Consider Holistic Depression Therapy?

Holistic depression therapy takes an enormous number of treatment modalities. Complimentary and alternative medicine is rapidly gaining respect in the medical world, but conventional mental health institutions are frequently far behind the curve concerning the acceptance of alternative or holistic treatments for anxiety, depression, and other psychiatric disorders. The FDA and medical institutions often have […]

Types of Anxiety Disorders

What are Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety disorders are psychological and emotional conditions that impact the daily lives of several thousand people each and every day. They range from feelings of uneasiness to immobilizing bouts of terror. The study of emotional health and well-being is extensive and includes the study and treatment of anxiety disorders. So what are anxiety disorders and […]

Natural AntiDepressant Alternatives

Best Natural Antidepressant Alternatives

Natural herbal treatments take advantage of the body’s natural healing abilities for treating various conditions. As you may already be aware of, nowadays, there are herbal treatments for almost every condition known to man, with some of them actually being found to have a decent scientific basis. Depression is no exception. In today’s post we […]

How To Deal With Panic Attacks

How To Deal With Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a form of an anxiety disorder in which the person exhibits a specific set of symptoms. There are differences between anxiety attacks and panic attacks that involve the length and intensity of the symptoms. People who suffer from anxiety attacks find that the symptoms come on more slowly than with panic attacks […]

Benefits of Aromatherapy for Anxiety

Benefits of Aromatherapy for Anxiety

“Anxiety” is a general term for several conditions that cause people to be nervous, fearful and apprehensive. These conditions have an impact on how we feel and behave and often have real physical symptoms. Milder forms of anxiety can simply be vaguely unsettling, while severe anxiety has a huge impact on a person’s daily live […]

Depression In The Elderly

Depression in the Elderly

Depression, which is one of the most widespread conditions linked with suicide in older adults, is a commonly under-recognized and under-treated medical condition. In fact, some studies have found that many cases of depression in the elderly, which resulted to suicide, had about seventy-five percent of them visiting their primary care physician within a month […]

psychological effects of stress

Psychological Effects of Stress

Stress is a response to stimuli from your environment that you perceive as causing change to the status quo. Just a fancy way of saying that stress causes changes in your body that are physical and psychological. Effects of stress are varied and can vary even within the individual from situation to situation. Researchers theorize […]