Therapy and Healing Bracelets and How They Can Help Depression, Anxiety & Stress

In our fast-paced world, conditions such as anxiety, stress, and depression are becoming more and more prominent in all age brackets.  At the same time, treatments for these conditions are also expanding and growing to be able to offer comfort and relief for those who suffer so that they are able to live their lives as much as possible.  When looking natural options, the market has exploded to give those on the hunt a variety of options to really get treatment that works for their lifestyles.  One of the most popular ones is the use of crystals for healing depression as well as anxiety and stress.  Take a look.

What Are Healing Bracelets?

A healing bracelet, when you’re looking at something that encompasses these three mental health conditions – originates from the idea of the seven chakras that every human being has.  These seven chakras, when balanced properly, keep in good health (physically, mentally and emotionally).  When they’re out of sorts, that’s when you end up with conditions such as depression and anxiety.
Healing Bracelets and How They Can Help Depression, Anxiety & Stress - Chakras
There are several kinds of stones that are said to help balance your chakras out naturally so that you can enjoy the equilibrium that they bring to your spirit.  Throughout history, many found that when certain stones were worn or held, they helped these conditions minimize and totally disappear.  From addiction to depression and anxiety, the healing properties of stones are vast and effective in people for all ages.
Due to their popularity, there are quite a few kinds of bracelets that you can look at for your lifestyle and cosmetic choices.  The main ones sold in our modern world are stone bracelets using hemp or string to keep the stones together in a bracelet (that is adjustable in sizing) as well as metallic ones that have a modern finish to them for those that are looking to wear them in a subtle way to the office or out and about.  These are popular amongst men especially.

The Most Popular Stones and Their Healing Powers

There are a lot of stones to look at, but when you’re focusing specifically on the most popular healing stones, you should be looking at:

  1. Citrine: This stone is best used when it is clear and not smoky, but both can be effective when needed. This stone works by drawing out your negativity and replacing it with positive and peaceful energy.  This is great for detoxifying your soul and mind from depression as well as anxiety and stress.


  3. Sunstone: As the name suggests, this healing stone in a bracelet is great for adding some positivity to your outlook so that you can keep the negativity at bay by seeing that there are positive things waiting for you in everything that you do.
    Sunstone - Healing Bracelet Stone for Depression, Anxiety and Stress

  5. Smoky Quartz: This stone needs to be cleansed regularly due to the fact that it will absorb your negative thoughts and emotions, but it is relatively easy to find and can be useful in all that it offers for taking away the often repetitive negative thoughts that can consume your mind when you’re having a rough day.
    Smokey Quartz - Healing Bracelet Stone for Depression, Anxiety and Stress

  7. Rose Quartz: This is one of the best crystals for depression because it is intended to give you warm and mellow feelings even when you are feeling especially dark and down. This stone is perfect for offering you warmth and comfort which will help pick up your spirits.  This is also fantastic healing stone for anxiety and stress, making it a must-have for those who suffer from all three of these conditions regularly or just from time to time.
    Rose Quartz - Healing Bracelet Stone for Depression, Anxiety and Stress

  9. Angel Aura: Also known as Opal Aura, this stone is great for lifting your spirits and reminding you that the Universe is with you and you are not alone in anything that you do. This will help you remember that your Guardian Angel is there and ready to keep you safe and loved even on the hardest days.  This is a great stone for promoting hope and comfort in times of need.
    Aqua Aura Quartz - Healing Bracelet Stone for Depression, Anxiety and Stress


How Healing Bracelets Can Help Depression, Anxiety & Stress

As you can see with all of this information, these kinds of healing bracelets are helpful because they offer support and protection to those who carry them.  These stones correspond to colours, and this colour scheme (indigo, white, violet, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, and red) helps you to make sure that you are accessing and stabilizing every chakra to give you an overall positive mental, emotional and spiritual health to rely on.
These bracelets are specifically popular with children or teens, as many parents are not interested in offering pharmaceutical options due to age in those who need them.  These bracelets offer customization, style, comfort, and – best of all – natural treatment for these powerful and common conditions.
Healing bracelets are one of the best options to consider even for adults due to their positive impact, lack of side effects or shortfalls, and the option to customize both the style as well as the stone types so that you can get the right blend for the comfort and results that you’re looking for during any given day.  Our world has come a long way in development, but it’s interesting to know that the same semi-precious gemstones and crystals that have been around for years and years are still being used in our lives.  It shows that natural treatment options are just as good (and better) to rely on for long term relief from conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress.  From childhood to late adulthood (and beyond), these bracelets are giving people of all demographics, ages, and situations, the comfort that they’re looking for while also offering a unique style additive to their lives.  From subtle to bold, this is as customizable as the treatment is to those who want it.


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