Types of Anxiety Disorders

What are Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety disorders are psychological and emotional conditions that impact the daily lives of several thousand people each and every day. They range from feelings of uneasiness to immobilizing bouts of terror. The study of emotional health and well-being is extensive and includes the study and treatment of anxiety disorders. So what are anxiety disorders and […]

How To Deal With Panic Attacks

How To Deal With Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a form of an anxiety disorder in which the person exhibits a specific set of symptoms. There are differences between anxiety attacks and panic attacks that involve the length and intensity of the symptoms. People who suffer from anxiety attacks find that the symptoms come on more slowly than with panic attacks […]

Benefits of Aromatherapy for Anxiety

Benefits of Aromatherapy for Anxiety

“Anxiety” is a general term for several conditions that cause people to be nervous, fearful and apprehensive. These conditions have an impact on how we feel and behave and often have real physical symptoms. Milder forms of anxiety can simply be vaguely unsettling, while severe anxiety has a huge impact on a person’s daily live […]

Separation anxiety in children

Separation Anxiety in Children

Separation anxiety disorder may be defined as a psychological condition in which the individual experiences severe anxiety or stress by thoughts of or actual separation from home or from the people with whom the individual has a strong emotional bonding. Even though more instances of separation anxiety are often witnessed in children, this condition may […]

how to cope with anxiety attacks

How To Cope With Anxiety Attacks

To understand the meaning of the term “anxiety attack,” it is essential to understand the difference between “anxiety” and an “anxiety attack.” Anxiety is a normal emotional state of mind that is caused as a reaction to a stressful situation or a distressing physical condition. This normal condition takes the form of an aberration when […]