Life Coaching For Anger and Stress Management

Many people are faced with the psychological and physical effects of stress that cause disease, illness and emotional conditions. Some people are able to reduce their stress levels or at least keep them at acceptable levels with simple techniques such as reading, aromatherapy and also turning to music and exercise to relieve stress. Unfortunately, these techniques may not be enough for some people. In these cases, there is an alternative, which is life coaching.
Life coaching has it’s roots in executive coaching that draws on techniques from a wide range of disciplines like sociology, psychology, career counseling and psychology. The coach applies certain techniques to assist clients toward their stated goals. In the case of executives it might be to improve leadership skills while life coaching for anger and stress management is used to improve coping mechanisms and decrease physical symptoms of stress.

Unfortunately there isn’t a governed training or education standard for a person to achieve the level of Life Coach. Anyone can call themselves a Life Coach and take on clients. There are three accreditation bodies that attempt to self-regulate the coaching industry and provide a system of credentialing coaches, but this doesn’t include regulation. In other words, although there are three bodies (International Coach Federation, The International Association of Coaching and the European Coaching Institute) there is no one who regulates the Life Coach once they set up shop. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pursue this avenue, it just means that you have to do your due diligence before attempting to sign up with a specific Life Coach.
When you are evaluating a life coach, you will want to consider the type of education and training your life coach received and whether it was accredited by one of these agencies. You’ll want to see references and get referrals. This is a decision that will affect your future in business, family, relationships and school since anger and stress management affects all of these areas.
Unfortunately anger is like obesity, it’s everywhere and it does no good for anyone. It can cause serious health problems such as a heart attack and/or stroke. Research has found that people who are chronically angry are three times more likely to have a heart attack than people who learn to control their anger. Life coaching for anger and stress management will help you to take control and responsibility for your life, clean up your past, learn to say ‘no’ to extraneous requests, eliminate the things you tolerate but irritate you, and set clear boundaries.

Your life coach will also help you to recognize, appreciate and embrace the law of attraction while creating an inspiring vision for your future. A future with little anger and stress. Keep in mind that not all stress is bad, you just need to make sure that you keep it in check. For instance, marriage and births are stressful times in life but the stress isn’t negative. Unfortunately your body doesn’t recognize the difference between negative and positive stress and the physical and psychological reactions are the same. Your life coach can address your needs in both positive and negative stressful situations.
How do you manage your keep your anger and stress at acceptable levels? Is it easy and do you have to continually work at it? We’d love to get your feedback on the subject. Just use the comment box below and leave a comment. Until next time, here are a few additional resources pertaining to life coaching, which you may find useful.

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