10,000 LUX Sunlight Therapy - LED Light Therapy Desk Lamp with 108 LED Lamps

10,000 LUX Sunlight TherapyDesk Lamp

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Who can benefit from LED Light Therapy?

LED Light therapy is recommended by doctors around the world for those who encounter
winter associated sleep disorders, inertia, fatigue, inability to concentrate, reduced productivity, lowered efficiency levels, jetlag & a general sense of ‘feeling low’. Regular daily use of as little as 10 to 15 minutes produces amazing results.

The pure & perfectly diffused white sunlight emulation from CSB 10,000 LUX LED Light Therapy works great for anyone who wishes to improve their sense of well-being.
Start it up in less than five minutes!

This particular LED Light Therapy Lamp offered by ‘Caribbean Sun’ is extremely easy to use & transport. With modest dimensions of
9″x5″x1 ΒΌ”, it weighs
less than 3 lbs. This makes it possible to use it
by your bedside, at your desk, in your living room or even the kitchen counter.

You can easily carry it around if you are travelling. It has a built in power adapter & works on any st&ard 110-240V power outlet worldwide.

Excellent UV Protection at Minimal Power Consumption

It’s difficult to find perfect substitutes for natural sunlight. However, with the help of fully-proofed UV protection available in this CSB LED Light Therapy Lamp Box, you can even go one step ahead & reap the benefits of perfectly emulated daylight without any UV radiation whatsoever!

What’s more,
low power consumption (9 W) makes this unit eco-friendly, too!

Built to last – With an unconditional warranty of 10 years!

The CSB boasts solid steel construction that supports a set of 108 high-quality Type “A” LED lamps, making the whole unit very strong & durable.

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10,000 LUX of Clean & Clear ‘Energy’ Light – This nifty LED Light Therapy Lamp from ‘Caribbean Sun’ emits 10,000 LUX of pure daylight. Just plug it in, turn it on and feel the energy of unadulterated brightness to help you get along with your work with efficiency and enthusiasm. Feel a touch of the tropics!
Beating the Winter Blues Has Never Been Easier – With the help high-efficiency 108 LED Lamps this unit contains, beating the winter blues will be a child’s play for you. Not only that – fatigue, inertia, sleep disorders, jetlag, reduced productivity will all be distant memories when you use doctor-recommended Caribbean Sun LED Light Therapy for just minutes a day!
Compact, Easy to Use and Easy to Transport – The LED Light Therapy Model CSB is compact and extremely easy to use. Just plug it into any standard power outlet to get it going. Works world-wide on all voltages with its built in voltage adapter.
Streamlined for Efficiency and Energy Consumption – We’ve taken special care to streamline these CSB units for optimum and uniform illumination with ultra-efficient diffusive glass frame, with power consumption of only 9 Watts!
10 Years of Unconditional Warranty – We offer 10 years of no-questions-asked warranty on every CSB LED Light Therapy Lamp unit. To beat the winter blues and improve your productivity, all you have to do is click the ‘Add to Cart’ button now!


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