Mindfulness - Beginner's Meditation Guide to a Life Free of Stress and Anxiety

Beginner's Meditation Guide to a Life Free of Stress and Anxiety

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Mindfulness – Experience the Moment for What It Is. Have you ever felt so tired about your life that you no longer know what’s good about life, or what it is that makes you feel good about yourself? Have you ever felt so tired that you just want to quiet the voices in your head—because they’re already hurting you? Maybe, you’re under too much stress. Maybe, a lot of negative things have happened in your life, and you don’t know how to move on anymore. But, there’s always a way to move on, and Mindfulness is one of those ways. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to make use of Mindfulness in your life—and will also help you understand what happiness really is about, why it matters, and how you could come as close as you can to attaining it. According to one of the American Masters of Meditation, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mindfulness is the act of purposely paying attention, while not harboring any judgment on the present moment. By doing so, you would get to experience the moment for what it is. When you practice Mindfulness, you don’t replay the past in your head. You do not concentrate on what already happened, but rather on what’s in the moment, and the beautiful things that could happen next.
Here are some of the things you will learn from his book… Some of the keypoints of this book are: What is Mindfulness? Historical development of Mindfulness Why it is important to practice Mindfulness What is Vipassana Focusing on the moment Heart and mind in one Zen Feeding the mind with positive thoughts Mindful motivation Mindful respect However, you will also learn how to: Practice mindfulness at home Practice mindfulness on the go How to use mantras and self-affirmations to boost self-esteem And many other techniques! The goal of this book is to give you information on how to mindfully live in order to be peaceful and happy every single day of your life! Do you want to change your life for the best? Do you want to learn the meditation techniques that will help you become a new person? Download your copy today! Discount for a very limited time only! Tags: Mindfulness for Beginners, Mindfulness, Meditation, Meditation for beginners, Zen, Buddhism, Anxiety relief, Stress Relief, Peace, Awakening, Enlightenment, Vipassana, Vipassana for beginners, Zen Buddhism, Buddha, Spirituality, Tranquility, Calmness, Mindfulness meditation for happiness, Clarity, Joy


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