H7 Bracelet for Stress, Anxiety, Nervousness, Insomnia - Blue

H7 Bracelet for Stress, Anxiety, Nervousness, Insomnia - Blue

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H7 Bracelets are an all natural remedy for anxiety, stress, insomnia, palpitations, nervousness and more using pressure point therapy. They are NOT a medical device and can be used along with other medications, therapies, etc. Full directions with diagrams included. H7 Acupressure Bracelets are made of 3/4″ certified medical banding material made in the USA with Velcro/metal dual closure for support and complete adjustability. If pressure point therapy is new to you results will occur 1-7 days after first use. Consistency is important for the effectiveness of the bracelet. Try all pressure points for optimal effectiveness. Remember everyone is different. On a personal note… I suffer from intense anxiety attacks brought on by daily stress. The H7 bracelet is something I made for myself…. Never thinking of making them from retail. After having a few people ask me to make them for regular customers I decided to give it a try. I had no idea how many people in the world suffer similar symptoms and issues of anxiety, stress, insomnia. I hope they help you as much as they have for me.
-Natural relief of Anxiety, Stress, Palpitations, Insomnia, Nervousness using pressure point therapy
-Easy to use with no side effects and can be used along with medications and therapies.
-3 pressure point options; H7, P7, LU9. All points are located in the wrist area. Complete directions included.
-No magnets. No copper.
-Wear one or two bracelets at a time. User preference. 4 sizes measured at wrist crease. Sizes are in wrist circumference.

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child-small 5.5", large 8", medium 7", x large 9"


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