Magnetic Therapy Pure Copper Healing Bracelet

Magnetic Therapy Pure Copper Healing Bracelet

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Magnetic Therapy Pure Copper Healing Bracelet:

  • Made of Pure Copper. Manufacturer – Deals On The Planet.
  • Width – 1cm (10mm or 3/8″); Length – 17cm (6.75 inches from one end to the other end); Diameter – Adjustable;
  • There is a tiny magnet at each edge of the bracelet. Many people believe that these bracelets give relief to Arthritic & Rheumatic Conditions.
  • Bracelet has Brass and other metal accents to have the right shape and style.
  • As this Bracelet is made of pure copper, it can discolor on the arm for some people.. Discoloration on the arm can be avoided by applying clear fingernail polish to the area that touches the skin. (But. this discoloration is where people believe the healing properties are most effective)


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