PureGuardian 10,000 LUX Full Spectrum Energy Light with Customizable Blue or White Light Therapy Intensity, Timer, Pure Guardian SPA50CA

PureGuardian 10,000 LUX Full Spectrum Energy Light

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Start your day on the bright side with the Pure Guardian Energy Light. This energy light lamps provides up to 10,000 LUX of light to help you beat the winter blues. It is designed to provide you with full spectrum light exposure that is beneficial when daylight is limited or you spend a portion of your day in dimly lit surroundings. The Energy Light is UV free and includes features that allow you to customize the duration of your daily session, your preferred light intensity, blue or white tint and duration. The portable design allows you to set the light on the table or desk for use while you’re eating breakfast, planning your day, even working on your computer. And as an added benefit, a USB port is incorporated into the design so that you have an extra spot to charge your phone. No need to worry about buying or replacing bulbs, the Energy Light was designed with long lasting, LED lights. The white or blue tint option provides you with your preferred color and intensity. 10,000 LUX produced at the highest intensity setting measured at 12″ to 16″ away from light (ideal distance).

  • Bright light exposure of up to 10,000 LUX can help improve your mood, focus and energy levels.
  • Full spectrum white or blue, UV free light, naturally helps beat the winter blues.
  • Customize your session of light intensity, blue or white light color, and 5 to 30 minute timer.
  • Compact size with adjustable tilt for easy use and includes a convenient USB to charge your phone. Portable enough to take to the office.
  • LED technology eliminates the need to buy or change light bulbs.


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