Strong Depression Pills - Made of Pure Gotu Kola Herbal Powder - 120 Veg. Capsules

Strong Depression Pills - Made of Pure Gotu Kola Herbal Powder - 120 Veg. Capsules

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Effectively balance and naturally enhance your mood!

Are you constantly anxious and depressed?

Are your stress levels high and causing lack of energy, motivation and satisfaction?

We live in an epidemic of depression and lots of mood disorders. Most of us often wake up tired, moody and feeling low about life.

When you’re anxious and depressed, then you need to boost your brain Serotonin. Serotonin can also be referred to as the “feel good” chemical in the brain that is connected with mood, appetite and sleep. Low Serotonin levels can make you to be irritable and anxious. It can also make you to feel depressed, pessimistic and develop irregular sleep pattern.

Instead of taking harmful medications that cause side effects, natural Serotonin supplements like Vedic Shift Dietary Supplement can be used to increase your serotonin levels.

Why Vedic Shift Dietary Supplement?

Vedic Shift is a fast-acting natural supplement for depression made from Gotu Kola. It supports the natural ability of the body to resist the various types of stress that we encounter every day, thereby promoting the physical balance and increasing the body’s ability to recover from stress.

Vedic Shift Dietary Supplement, also known as Herb for Enlightenment, contains 120 vegetarian capsules. The natural mood stabilizer has been found to be very effective for:

  • Changing the brain chemistry to enhance calmness and consciousness
  • Improving nerve development and cerebral circulation
  • Enjoying healthy and deep sleep

Our safe-to-use natural herb for depression is what you need to boost your memory and cognitive function.

Ready to regain a healthy and better sleep and also increase your energy? Click the “ADD TO CART” bar NOW to get yours before stock runs out.

NATURAL HERB ENLIGHTENMENT:  Vedic Shift is an Ayurvedic herb that is made from Gotu Kola. It is one of the most powerful herbs that have been used for meditation for over 5000 years. It is also an herb for depression that offers great health benefits.

NATURAL MOOD STABILIZER:  Vedic Shift is a Serotonin supplement that increases the level of the “feel good” chemical (serotonin) in the brain. It activates the spiritual center in the brain thereby increasing alertness, calmness and also promoting a better outlook on life.

RELIEF FROM INSOMNIA:  Our mood stabilizer also gives relief from insomnia. It enhances brain oxygenation thereby promoting sound and deep sleep.

NATURAL BOOST TO IMMUNITY AND ENERGY:  Vedic Shift Dietary Supplement boosts the body’s immunity by promoting and improving nerve development. It eliminates dangerous pathogens in the body and also improves energy.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED:  We are so confident that you will love our serotonin supplement. Our formula is safe to use and has no side effect. Each batch undergoes stringent testing to ensure that it delivers the best result.


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