Wake Up Light with Sunrise Simulation - Mood Light Veholion MY-3

Wake Up Light with Sunrise Simulation - Mood Light Veholion MY-3

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Imagine waking up easily and naturally, without having to be jolted awake with the noise of an alarm clock.

YABAE Wake-up Lights are designed to do just that.It is ideal for anyone who finds it difficult to get up in the morning. Its gradual sunrise eases you awake, gently and naturally, just like a summer’s dawn, and just in case, there’s a back-up beeper(5 natural sounds with Thrush singing, Kingfisher singing, Cuckoo singing, Waves and Thunderstorm).Wake-up feeling fresh and energetic – just as nature intended.

How does the  YABAE Wake-up Light work?

The  Wake-up Light gradually increases in brightness over a 30-minute period before your wakeup time, growing more intense until your room is filled with bright yellow light. This process of changing and increasing light stimulates your body to wake up naturally and comfortably.

Contemporary Design  With Contrasting Materials

Which not only gives the lamp neatlooking but also serves as passive heat sink for its internal LEDs. Run at acooler temperature and has a longer lifespan.

Touch Sensor and Easy to Use

The different light settings can be easily alternated by touch which is convenient. Controlling is as simple as clicking on the top,long press and leave it depending on which kind of colour you want it to do.


Power input:5V/1A

Built-in Lithium battery:3600mAh

Color temperature:2900-3100K

Lifetime: 20000 hours

Weight: 400g

Package contents:

1 x YABAE Sunshine Wake Up Lamp

1 x  Instruction Leaflet

1 x  USB Cable (Notes: NOTincluded USB charger, you can charge it by your own adapter ,like mobile phone,laptop)

30 Day Money-back Guaranteeand 12-Month YABAE Worry-free Warranty.

WAKE UP WITH SUNRISE SIMULATION:Automatic Lighting Controllers that Turn lights on 30 minutes earlier than the alarm go off, with 20 levels of brightness increases from the faintest dim yellow to the brightest yellow, just like a natural dawn sunrise which assists you in getting up pleasantly and comfortably.

EYE-CARE LIGHT WITH 3 LIGHT SETTINGS :Use natural light(non flash or glare) to help brighten up work-from-home days, late night cramming or simply reduce the glare from harsh lighting.Lovely soft lighting with warm white glow is nice as a dim nightlight but also can bright enough for reading and craft work.

ALARM CLOCK WITH NATURAL SOUNDS: There 5 natural sounds (Thrush singing, Kingfisher singing, Cuckoo singing, Waves and Thunderstorm) are available to be set as the alarm sound. It wakes you up by a gradually increased gentle sound instead of the sharp harsh tones。

COLOR CHANGING MODE:With an Auto cycle 256 RGB colour combinations.The colours are both pleasing and evocative and well suited for contemplation and reflection.Soothing when it circulates which can flick through or you can freeze it whichever color temps your mood!

ONLY 400G WITH COMPACT PROPORTIONS that make it perfect for desks, beside tables and shelves and moved for your convenience.Rechargeable battery inside which can be charged by Power bank or Laptop via USB Port.Its 5000 hour energy-efficient LED technology saves your money and minimizes environmental impacts.

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