Zadro Sunlight 365, Artificial Sunlight 365 Days a Year

Zadro Sunlight 365, Artificial Sunlight 365 Days a Year

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Super bright 10,000 LUX aritficial sunlight.

SUN365 Instructions:
1. Make sure the unit is plugged in with the adapter at all times. This is not a charger and will not work on batteries alone.
2. Make sure the clock battery insulator protective cover is removed.
3. Check to make sure the clock battery is not dead. If it is, the clock will not work so you will need to replace it. Clock battery is CR2032.

More Directions: Unplug the unit and remove the adapter from the unit. Remove the clock battery and let stand for at least 1 hour. Then put back in battery and plug in the adapter.

Press the ON button and then press the SUN button, within 10 seconds the LED LIGHTS will come on. Make sure you only press each button and are not hitting the other buttons.
Portable light therapy device that mimics natural sunlight. 10,000 LUX of Light and 35 blue LEDs. Adjustable light intensity from 10 – 100%. Safe, natural sunlight for mood adjustment. A leading innovator for over 30 years, Zadro offers a broad array of personal care mirrors, bath and health and wellness products.


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